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Snowflake gold bracelet - B08

Snowflake gold bracelet - B08

  • 9,823.00TL

  • Ücretsiz Kargo

Snowflake gold bracelet (B08)

4,05 gram (+-%5)

Snowflakes generally symbolize positive meanings such as cleanliness, purity and uniqueness. This symbol can be interpreted in different ways in many cultures. Here are some common meanings of snowflake:

Purity and Cleanliness: Snowflake represents purity and cleanliness as it is usually pure white in color. This symbolism is often used because snow consists of pure water crystals found in nature.

Uniqueness and Difference: Each snowflake has a unique pattern. Therefore, the snowflake can symbolize individuality, originality and difference. The saying "Every snowflake is different" emphasizes this uniqueness.

Peace and Serenity: Snowfall generally creates a quiet and calm atmosphere. Therefore, the snowflake can represent peace, serenity, and an inner calm.

A Restart and a Clean Slate: Snow symbolizes a transition period between seasons. Therefore, the snowflake can symbolize rebirth, new beginnings and a clean slate.

Beauty of Nature: Snow cover highlights the beauty of nature. Therefore, the snowflake can symbolize the aesthetics and elegance of nature.

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