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Evil eye 14 carat gold necklace - K10

Evil eye 14 carat gold necklace - K10

  • 5,312.00TL

  • Ücretsiz Kargo

Evil eye 14 carat gold necklace (K10)

1,93 Gram

Evil eye beads are used to prevent the negative effects caused by evil eyes. It is believed that if someone looks at you with evil eyes, the evil eye bead protects you by absorbing this energy.

Evil eye beads are often used in the form of jewelry, home decoration or vehicle decorations. It can be preferred to protect oneself or loved ones and to attract positive energy. For this reason, the evil eye bead symbol is preferred in many jewelry items, as in our Evil Eye 14 carat gold necklace model.

Product Details
Metal Type Gold
Ayar 14K
Weight (Gram) 1,93
Chain length 42cm
Guarantee Return and exchange
Shipping Free Shipping

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