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Bracelet models

Stoned gold bracelet - B01

15,936.00TL Ex Tax: 15,936.00TL

 Stoned gold bracelet (B01)8,01 Gram +-%5..

3 colors ball gold bracelet - B07

8,396.00TL Ex Tax: 8,396.00TL

Ball gold bracelet (B07) - 4,22 gram3 Color Gold Dorica Bracelet-Geste Jewelery 14 Carat Kalze Chain 3 Colored Dorica Ball Gold Bracelet With the..

Baget gold bracelet - B06

8,117.00TL Ex Tax: 8,117.00TL

Baged pandora gold bracelet B064,08 GramLength : 20 cmThe Pearl of Elegance and Wealth: Gold Bracelet with Baged Stone HeartDesigned to add value to e..

Ball gold bracelet - B02

8,077.00TL Ex Tax: 8,077.00TL

Ball gold bracelet B024,06 gram +-%5In addition to adding elegance and color to your clothes, it is produced with quality hand workmanship. You can wr..

Ball gold bracelet - B04

8,595.00TL Ex Tax: 8,595.00TL

Ball gold bracelet (B04)  4,32 gramThe infinity symbol is used to represent a constant and unending connection, love or continuity. Gold; The inf..

Clover gold bracelet - B09

19,830.00TL Ex Tax: 19,830.00TL

Clover gold bracelet (B09)7,58 gramWhat does a four-leaf clover mean?The four-leaf clover often represents luck. Traditionally, each leaf is believed ..

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Clover gold bracelet with evil eye bead - B05

10,977.00TL 13,400.00TL Ex Tax: 10,977.00TL

 Clover gold bracelet with evil eye bead (B05) - 4,02 gramGold clover bracelet models generally symbolize luck, happiness and positive energ..

Gold bracelet with snowflake zodiac compass - B03

15,916.00TL Ex Tax: 15,916.00TL

Gold bracelet with snowflake zodiac compass (B03)8 gramYou can use the snowflake gold bracelet model with a zodiac compass, which has the snowflake sy..

Snowflake gold bracelet - B08

9,823.00TL Ex Tax: 9,823.00TL

Snowflake gold bracelet (B08) 4,05 gram (+-%5)Snowflakes generally symbolize positive meanings such as cleanliness, purity and uniqueness. This symbol..

Snowflake gold bracelet - B10

15,896.00TL Ex Tax: 15,896.00TL

Snowflake gold bracelet (B10) 7,99 gramThe snowflake gold bracelet, which is indispensable for modern women who care about their appearance, offers yo..

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