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How to learn gold carat, where is gold carat written?

Determining gold karat is an important step in understanding the quality and value of gold jewelry or gold objects. Gold karat refers to the purity of gold and is usually expressed in carats. Karat refers to the amount of pure gold the gold contains and is usually expressed on a scale of 24. For example, 24 carat gold consists of 100% pure gold, while 18 carat gold consists of 75% pure gold.

There are a few different ways to find out the gold carat. Here are some of them:

1. Carat Chart Check: Gold jewelry usually has a carat stamp on it. This hallmark indicates the setting of the jewelry. For example, the 18K or 750 stamp indicates that the jewelry is 18 carat and has 75% purity. These stamps are usually small and located in places that need to be examined carefully.

2. Professional Evaluation: You can consult a jeweler or precious metals expert to learn the setting of your gold jewelry. Since they have specialized equipment and experience, they can accurately determine the setting of the jewelry. Additionally, some jewelry stores may also check the setting of gold jewelry for free.

3. Acid Test: This method is a common method used to determine the purity of gold. Specially formulated acids give different reactions depending on the purity of the gold. However, this method is usually applied by professionals as it may damage the jewelry.

4. Magnetic Test: Real gold is non-magnetic, so the purity of gold jewelry can be determined using a magnetic test. However, this method only provides an estimate and must be supported by other methods for definitive results.

5. Touchstone: When the gold is rubbed on the touchstone, it leaves its yellow color on the stone, and when it is tried to be cleaned with setting water, the yellow color does not disappear.

6. Cutting Method: The gold is cut and tested with karat water to determine whether it is coated or contains any other material.

As for where the gold setting is written, it is usually found on the inside of the gold jewelry or on the attachment points. The jewelry may need to be examined carefully using a small microscope or magnifying glass. Additionally, in some countries it is a legal requirement to indicate the karat of gold jewelry and therefore hallmarks may be larger and more prominent. Some jewelers may call the gold stamp as a gold stamp patent. However, the word patent is a wrong statement because it means invention, innovation and is a concept related to intellectual property. The correct way is to call it a gold carat stamp.

There are several different methods for determining the karat of gold jewelry, and each has different advantages. But one of the most reliable methods is to check the hallmark on the jewelry. This stamp accurately indicates the jewelry's carat and allows you to quickly find out its purity.