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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As Geste Jewellery, we take utmost care to protect your personal information from unauthorized access in order to provide a safer virtual shopping environment for our customers. We never store your card information in our records during payment and we prefer to use the safest payment methods.

The personal information you provide to us is not shared with other customers, individuals or legal entities without your consent. TCKN, name, surname, gender, date of birth, wedding anniversary, mobile phone, e-mail address, address information, shopping information, campaigns and coupons used, device type used, IP address, membership information in case of membership, ring size your data is processed fully or partially automatically or non-automatically provided that it is a part of any data recording system, in accordance with the Law and the relevant legislation. Personal data of our visitors may be shared with law enforcement, law firms and judicial authorities in order to resolve legal disputes and to be used as evidence in future legal disputes, if requested in accordance with the relevant legislation.

The customer will be responsible for the confidentiality of the information provided to our customers, such as username and password. We are not responsible for the use of this information by anyone other than the user and the control of this situation. The customer cannot use someone else's IP address, e-mail address, user name and other information on the internet, and cannot access or use other members' private information without permission. Any legal and penal liability that may arise due to such use belongs to the user.

Your purchases are made through a highly secure payment system, and your credit card information is not stored in any way. Your payment information is only used to obtain payment confirmation from the bank during the purchasing process. During your shopping, it is sent directly to the bank with a bilateral connection to the relevant banks under high security conditions for approval.

When deemed necessary, bank or company officials may call the credit card holder and request an order confirmation. This practice is a standard required by the banking industry for both your safety and a healthier shopping experience.

In your purchases from our site, the order pre-information form-distance sales contract conditions that you will see during each transaction will be valid.

Our customers may request that commercial electronic communications sent to them be stopped. Personal data processing and/or sending of electronic commercial messages are stopped as soon as possible after our customers' requests regarding this matter reach us.

Our company reserves the right to change all products and services, pages, information and visual elements on our website without prior notice.