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Suggestions Based on Face Type in Choosing Gold Earrings

Each face type has different features, and choosing a gold earring that suits these features completes the person's stylish look and highlights their face. Here are our gold earring suggestions for different face types:

1. Round Face Type:
Round faces usually have wide cheeks and a rounded jawline. Long and hanging gold earrings are ideal for this type of face. Long gold hoops or thin long chain earrings provide balance by making the face look longer. Additionally, earrings with geometric shapes are also a nice option to balance round faces.

2. Square Face Type:
Square faces usually have pronounced jaw lines and forehead width. For this type of face, gold earrings with soft lines should be preferred. Circular or oval shaped earrings soften the face and provide a more elegant look. Additionally, wavy or curved designs can also be preferred to balance the sharpness of the jaw line.

3. Long/Rectangle Face Type:
Long faces generally have length between the forehead, cheeks and jawline. Expanding and voluminous gold earrings are recommended for this type of face. Large hoop earrings or voluminous buns make the face look wider and provide balance. Additionally, earrings adorned with eye-catching and large stones can help shorten long faces and achieve a more balanced look.

4. Heart-Shaped Face Type:
Heart-shaped faces usually have a wide forehead and narrow jawline. When choosing gold earrings for this type of face, it is important to focus on the eye-catching bottom. Therefore, drop-shaped earrings or elegant quads decorated with gold earrings can be preferred. Additionally, earrings with embossed or eye-catching tops to widen the tops can also balance heart-shaped faces.

5. Oval Face Type:
Oval faces usually have a balanced structure and can usually carry all types of earrings. However, gold earrings that emphasize length can be preferred for this type of face. Long and elegant gold bars or elegant earrings can make the face look longer.

As you can see, every face type is different and each has its own unique beauty. When choosing gold earrings, it is important to choose the one that suits your face type, but the most important thing is that you feel good. By taking my suggestions into consideration, you can choose gold earrings that suit your personal style and highlight your beauty.

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