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Sun gold necklace - K02

Sun gold necklace - K02

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Sun gold necklace K02 - 2,36 Gram +-%5

The sun symbol is a common symbol that carries different meanings in many cultures. It generally represents positive attributes such as sun, light, energy, vitality, life, strength and rebirth. The sun symbol has played an important role in various civilizations since ancient times. The sun is the fundamental source of life and gives energy. For this reason, the golden sun necklace is seen as a symbol that energizes the person who wears it.

The sun gold necklace offers a unique jewelery experience by combining the sun, the symbol of light and energy, with aesthetic designs. Our necklace model, produced with meticulous workmanship using 14 carat gold, offers an elegant expression that carries the beauty and positive energy of the sun.

Sun Gold Pendant: The symbol of the sun combines with the pendants to offer tremendous elegance. Every detail has been carefully processed, creating an aesthetic appearance that reflects the clear and positive energy of the sun. Güneş gold pendant is ready to add meaning to every moment with its sparkling design.

We offer our gold necklace collection at the cheapest prices without compromising on aesthetics and quality. Our sun gold necklace model, which we try to offer at the most affordable price for every budget, reflects our aim of making quality jewelery accessible to users.

Our gold necklace collection offers a rich choice with various necklace models. You can reflect your personal style with the sun gold necklace by choosing from different styles and designs. Each model is designed with special details that highlight your elegance. Various necklace models in our collection are offered in different price ranges.

Product Details
Metal Type Gold
Ayar 14K
Weight (Gram) 2,36
Guarantee Full Adjustment Guarantee
Shipping Free Shipping

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