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Lotus flower gold necklace - K04

Lotus flower gold necklace - K04

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Lotus flower gold necklace (K04)

2,64 gram

Do you know what the lotus represents?

Lotus carries a sacred meaning for purity, rebirth and power. Because lotuses rise from mud, they are often seen as symbols of purity. Lotus flowers are symbols of strength, resilience and rebirth, as they return to the dark water every evening and bloom at the end of the day.

Another meaning of the lotus flower is transcendence: the lotus represents the transcendence of man's soul over earthly matter, as it blooms from the underworld into light.

Product Details
Metal Type Gold
Ayar 14K
Weight (Gram) 2,64 Gram
Chain length 42cm
Guarantee Full Adjustment Guarantee
Shipping Free shipping

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